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Innovators in Water, Sanitation, and Sustainable Solutions for a Better World

Bhouma Envirotech Pvt. Ltd, is a Delhi based company having a wide range of proven & path breaking technologies to address the challenges of sustainable WaSH (water and sanitation and hygiene). Led by a team of dedicated professionals with a proven track record and experience of 20+ years of R&D and large scale project implementation in national and international levels in the Water & Sanitation domain. Collaborating with many national & international organizations such as Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, California Institute of Technology, University of South Florida, BITS Pilani-Goa, IITs etc.

Our Values

Building a Sustainable Future through Innovation and Impact


Embracing a culture of continuous innovation to drive groundbreaking advancements in water, sanitation, and sustainable energy solutions.


Striving for excellence in every aspect of our work, from product development to project implementation, to deliver the highest quality solutions.

Social Impact

Making a positive difference in communities by addressing pressing water, sanitation, and energy challenges, and improving quality of life.

Our collaboration

Major collaboration partners

Our Products

Our Major Sustainable Solutions

Mobile Treatment Unit

A vehicle mounted Septage Treatment Solution, which can process 6000 liters of Sewage per hour. Quality of the treatment water is tested & validated by Central Pollution Control Board.

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Another truck mounted solution capable of processing sewage. Generally used for desludging the toilets, septic tanks on an everyday basis. Processing capacity is 6000 liters per day. Co-developed by BITS Goa Campus.

Rapid Compost

Food Waste Composter- Unique crushing & steaming technology- can process up to 3000 kg food waste per day. Processed output can be converted to two 14 kg biogas. Field tested in Thiruvananthapuram Corporation. This unit requires just 200 sq.ft of space to process 3000 kg food waste per day.


Nutrient, Energy and Water generator – Works on Solar. World’s first entirely solar-powered anaerobic membrane bioreactor – developed by University of South Florida with the support of BMGF. Onsite treatment system which can recover Nutrients, Energy and Water from sewage waste.

Rapid Steamer

A unique biomass/ solar/ induction based bulk cooking system, capable of reducing the cooking cost to 70%. This environment friendly solution became the Finalist of Global Energy Awards instituted by Standard & Poor.

Wet land system

No energy required, environment friendly & unique solution for treating sewage of a single or double toilet unit. Also applicable in the household level. Ideal solution for standalone toilets in beaches & high water table areas.

Off Grid Cluster Toilet System

Toilets doesn’t require water, energy or sewer network support from the Municipality. MobiBlue vehicle will be used to suck the waste from all the toilets & safe discharge after processing. Unique model for cities & busy places. Solar powered.

Flat packed unique toilet

This non rusting unit is made of Aluminum alloy, Stainless steel & HDPE. Easy to assemble & mange. There is an overhead tank of 320 liters & Sewage collection tank of 500 liters. Normally to be supported by Mobiblue vehicles when in cluster installation. Special microbial anti greasing application, UV Lights & patented seat cover automation to ensure maximum hygiene.

Micro Enterprise for Sanitation and Health

Micro Enterprise for Sanitation and Health (MESH) is a micro financed social entrepreneur driven model aimed to overcome root cause of Community and Public Toilet failures in India, while parallelly creating livelihood opportunities for marginalized people and enhancing access to affordable WASH, health, nutrition and hygiene for the urban poor. It is a combination Cluster of Toilet models alongside a shop.


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